Just another firefly

Since this is a new blog, I should explain the name. The reason this blog is called Firefly is twofold: No. 1 because that is the English translation of the name of the Village I live in – Wauwatosa – though I think our native American predecessors the Potawatomi spelled it differently.

No. 2, I like fireflies because the females are always buzzing around town, always on the go, checking out the scene – trying their best to connect with other fireflies, in one way or another.

I like being on the go too and connecting with my friends whenever I get the chance. I nicknamed my Vespa Lucciola, which means firefly in Italian – among other things. I call her Lucy for short. (Don’t laugh; my friends all named their Vespas too). Oh, and this is my old Vespa in the picture.. I have a Portofino Green 150LX now.

But I am still glad as hell to be away from the 13 million inhabitants that swarm in BA and am reveling in simply flitting around in the back yard – just like the fireflies were doing last night before the storms rolled through and blew them all away.


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