Flying downtown on a sunny summer day

I drove Lucy to work today.. no, not a person, my Vespa!

After meandering through the Washington Highlands, I head east on Highland Avenue to avoid the heavy morning traffic… and I was leading the pack today! 40 mph and they were still trying to pass me.

Too bad Highland is a washboard all the way down from 27th to the freeway… ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.

After four months of riding, I’m starting to get a feel for the streets between Tosa and downtown … where the potholes are, which streets are smooth and newly paved (Kilbourn, State Street, Bluemound) and which ones to avoid (Wells Street at Water, Vliet Street near Hawley Road) and I have even mastered going over bridges and those uneven metal plates that make me feel like I am going to wobble over whenever I drive on them and fall into the path of an oncoming truck which is going  to flatten me and I’ll end up a vegetable living in … oh, let’s forget about that.

I think the hardest part about driving a motorcycle in the city is keeping an eye out for other drivers, especially the ones who get pissed off because they are “stuck” behind me. They scare me. I have a magnet on the back of my bike that reads “Calm down and ride on.” It’s probably too small to read from another vehicle, I’m guessing.

Most folks, though, are quite pleasant and keep their distance. They even are overly polite to me … smiling, waving me through the intersection first, that kind of thing.

Riding a motorcycle 7 miles to work is fun, challenging, always interesting. But more than anything, it’s FREEDOM… if only for awhile.


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