On the edge, sometimes

He was on the edge today… literally. This man was trying to take his life from a ledge. While I was watching the thunderstorm roll through town, enjoying the light show, joking with coworkers about the rainfall, emergency workers were coaxing this sad and scared person from the 25th floor of an office building and promptly took him away. Or, so I read.

Are you ever on the edge of something? It doesn’t have to be the edge of a building, of course, but you know, do you you feel like you are going to fall way, way off of the earth and just continue falling into a netherworld? Or are you on the edge of losing it from too much stress? How about just being edgy, like if one more person asks you for something you are going to just lose it?

I’ve had dreams of being on the edge… on the edge of a body of water – usually a lake or an ocean or pond, but sometimes a stream or river. I am either driving alongside it, walking alongside it or simply standing alongside it. The water is dark, murky, mysterious. It’s chopppy, wavy, bubbling, swirling. My fear is I will slip in and drown. In my dreams, I warn others to stay away from the edge of the water – to be careful.

During the day, if I ever drive past any water, I have to unbuckle my seatbelt, roll down the window, unlock the door. That means every time I drive past the lake on the way to my brother’s house, I unbuckle and the kids just laugh in a sympathetic kind of way. They know about my recurring water dream. Well, the road IS terribly close to the lake!

Why would I dream I’m drowning? I still don’t know after close to 10 years of these dreams. Do you have recurring dreams that you are trying to figure out? I’d love to hear what they are and what you think they mean….. chime in! Maybe we can figure it out together….


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