This traffic jam was sweet!

Traffic jams are not all that bad. In fact, some are rather pleasant. I know because I was in one recently in Eagle. Yep, Eagle.

My two friends and I were on our way to Hunter’s Lake for an afternoon of swimming. This small lake is near Dousman,  in the heart of Kettle Moraine. I was driving my brother’s Mustang convertib le. It was sunny and I was on vacation. Love it. The car has a rebuilt engine that goes ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum – say it fast six times and you’ll get the picture of how COOL this car is.

Anyway….. men and trucks greeted us as we pulled onto Hwy 67 just outside of Eagle. The smell of hot tar permeated the air and cicadas announced our arrival at the construction zone. The driver behind me looked irritated. I looked up into the blue sky above and laughed.

The worker told me “You may as well turn off the engine, it’s going to be awhile.” So I did. We sat and baked. A long line of vehicles – oh, maybe 7 or 8 – sat motionlesss behind us.

Finally, he waved everyone to go ahead. I started up again and the traffic jam turned into a slow-moving current of cars inching their way along a single lane of road.

I won’t even begin to compare this with the traffic jam I got stuck in on the way to Noah’s Ark the following day with thousands of travelers on their way up north.

Not all traffic jams are alike.


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