Glow golf beats PGA for fun

When I was growing up in Brookfield in the early
’70s, Storms Golf was the place to be on a hot summer
night. Miniature golf was my favorite game and I always
beat my brothers at it. Ha!

Now that I’m all grown up, miniature golf doesn’t cut
it anymore, as I found out not too long ago. What do adults do
instead? They go Glow Golfing, of course (I had to say it).

After scrounging a few old clubs out of my basement, I met up with
three of my friends at Hanson Park one recent weekend evening. Problem No. 1: We only had three beverages among us on this sweltering evening. The second problem was that there was just 1 oz of mosquito repellent in the spray bottle and the sprayer didn’t work. Oh, yeah, finally, the third problem was that I needed two hands to hold the golf club and one to swat the skeeters.

Dozens of other glow golf fans joined us on the course. We kept up a good pace, if only because we didn’t want to stand still long enough
for the bloodsuckers to find us. But also because one of
us, namely me, took so many swings to hit the glow ball – even though it glowed – that the others naturally got restless and kept moving on.

I’ve never “glow-golfed” before and I have to say it was
hilarious. At times the thought of being blind-sided by an
errant ball crossed my mind, but I tried to stay focused on
just getting to the next hole without losing my tee.

After the fourth or fifth hole we gave up keeping score
and methodically made our way to the ninth hole, swinging
at the ball as well as at mosquitoes all the way.

An hour later, we made it to the clubhouse with dozens of
bites but our fun barometer at “HIGH” level.

The next Glow Golf at Hanson Park is Friday August 20.

$15 for a round of golf including the glow ball.
Watching your friends chase each other around for the mosquito spray? Priceless.


2 responses to “Glow golf beats PGA for fun

  1. Awesome fun, Heidi. You were brave and a good sport. Let’s do it again soon.
    Don’t forget, we almost did get bonked on the head by the people behind us!

  2. I had a GREAT time too! We should play again in September when the bugs are gone…

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